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Title --------------------------------------- The Cage
Writer ----------------------------- Gene Roddenberry
Director -------------------------------- Robert Butler
Original Air Date -------------------------- Never Aired
Order of Filming ------------------------- Pilot Episode
Order of Broadcasting -------------------- Never Aired
Filmed -------------------- Late Nov. to mid Dec. 1964

This was Gene Roddenberry's first attempt to sell Star Trek to NBC.  They turned it down!  But, in an unprecedented move, they asked Gene to make another pilot and with that episode,  'Where No Man Has Gone Before', the series sold.


Captain Christopher Pike --------------- Jeffery Hunter
Vina ------------------------------------ Susan Oliver
Number One ----------- M. Leigh Hudec (Majel Barrett)
Mr. Spock ---------------------------- Leonard Nimoy
Navigator Jose Tyler -------------------- Peter Duryea
Dr. Phillip Boyce --------------------------- John Hoyt
Yeoman J. M. Colt -------------------- Laurel Goodwin
C. P. O. Garison ------------------------ Adam Roarke

Transporter Chief ------------------------ Clegg Hoyt
The Keeper (Talosian) -------------------- Meg Wyllie
The Keeper's voice ------------------- Malachi Throne
First Talosian ----------------------- Georgia Schmidt
First Talosian's voice -------------- Robert C. Johnson
Second Talosian ---------------------- Serena Sande
Dr. Haskins, survivor #1 ----------------- Jon Lormer
Survivor #2 -------------------------- Leonard Mudie
Survivor #3 ------------------------- Anthony Jochim
Geologist -------------------------------- Ed Madden
The Kalar, Rigel VII warrior --------------- Mike Dugan
Space officer, Orion ------------------- Robert Phillips
Earth Trader ---------------------------- Joseph Mell
Pike's stunt double ----------------------- Bob Herron
Anthropoid Ape ---------------------- Janos Prohaska
Humanoid Bird ----------------------- Janos Prohaska
Stunt double ---------------------------- Frank Vinci


"The Cage"

Captain Pike was caged by the Talosians in their zoo.


The Menagerie


None, because it was never broadcast.


Thirteen years before James T. Kirk takes command of the U.S.S. Enterprise, Captain Christopher Pike and his starship crew receive a distress signal from the planet Talos IV and beam down to investigate. Tracking the beacon, the landing party discovers crash survivors from a missing scientific expedition; among the survivors is a beautiful human female, Vina. Pike is concerned for the woman's safety, yet allows himself to become distracted by her beauty and is subsequently captured by the Talosians who live beneath the planet's surface. The distress signal and expedition survivors, except for Vina, are revealed to be but illusions created by the Talosians to lure the Enterprise and Pike to the planet.

The Talosians are a strong race, yet after decades of illusory indulgence, they have physically atrophied and need sturdy beings to rebuild and repopulate their barren planet. In Pike, with Vina, the Talosians hope they have finally found the one being who can serve as their breeding stock for a healthier and even more powerful race.

The Talosians use their power of illusion to interest Pike in Vina, presenting her in various disguises: a Rigellian princess in distress, a green Orion animal woman, and a loving, compassionate companion. When Pike resists, the Talosians lure Pike's female first officer and yeoman from the Enterprise to offer further temptation. By then, however, Pike has discovered that primitive human emotions neutralize the Talosians' ability to read minds, and he eventually escapes to the surface of the planet along with his fellow prisoners.

The Talosians confront Pike and the three prisoners before they can beam up, but the captain refuses to negotiate, threatening to kill himself and the others rather than submit to the Talosians' demands. Frightened at losing their only source of repopulation, the Talosians inspect the U.S.S. Enterprise's records and discover that the human race is far too independent to be of adequate service to them.

Faced with no other choice, the Talosians release the humans. After the first officer and yeoman beam up, Pike remains behind with Vina, urging her to leave with him. Despite her growing attraction to the captain, Vina is unable to leave the planet. It is revealed that an expedition had indeed crash landed on Talos IV. Vina, the only survivor, was greatly injured and disfigured. With the aid of the Talosians' illusions, however, she is able to appear beautiful and feel healthy.

The Talosians pledge to continue to provide Vina with the appearance of health and beauty while allowing her to roam the planet free of intervention. Realizing that she will be in good hands after all, Pike returns to the U.S.S. Enterprise. The Talosians, in an act of good will, send the captain an image of Vina on the starship's viewscreen. Not only is she beautiful again, aided by the Talosians' illusory powers, but by her side is another illusion — that of the handsome Christopher Pike.


Click the name of the WAVs to listen

Total WAVs: 55

(1) Circuit ------------------------ 40.6 KB
Mr. Spock - Jose Tyler - Number One

(2) Evasive ---------------------- 12.0 KB
Jose Tyler - Number One - Captain Pike

(3) Distress ---------------------- 51.1 KB
C.P.O. Garison - Captain Pike - Jose Tyler - Number One

(4) Class M ---------------------- 86.6 KB
Mr. Spock - Jose Tyler - Number One - Captain Pike

(5) Opinion ----------------------- 42.2 KB
Dr. Boyce - Captain Pike

(6) Martini ----------------------- 41.2 KB
Captain Pike - Dr. Boyce

The Doc is correct about that!

(7) Trouble --------------------- 109.0 KB
Dr. Boyce - Captain Pike

I guess he should have thought about that
before he took command of the ship.
Pike sounds like a bit of a whiner to me.

(8) Resigning -------------------- 122.0 KB
Captain Pike - Dr. Boyce

(9) Doctor ----------------------- 52.1 KB
Dr. Boyce - Captain Pike

Dr. Boyce sounds like a smart guy.

(10) Warp ------------------------ 28.5 KB
Captain Pike - Jose Tyler

(11) Reports --------------------- 42.2 KB
Captain Pike - Yeoman Colt

(12) Woman --------------------- 29.5 KB
Number One - Captain Pike

(13) Metal ----------------------- 70.4 KB
Jose Tyler - Captain Pike - Mr. Spock - Number One

(14) Humans --------------------- 4.13 KB
Survivor #2

(15) Fast ------------------------ 35.3 KB
Captain Pike - Dr. Haskins - Survivor #3 - Jose Tyler

(16) Healthy --------------------- 16.0 KB

(17) Perfect --------------------- 38.4 KB
Vina - Captain Pike

(18) Trap ------------------------ 28.5 KB
Mr. Spock - Number One

(19) Peaceful -------------------- 39.4 KB
Captain Pike

(20) Baited ----------------------- 45.5 KB
Talosian #2 - The Keeper

(21) Find ------------------------- 7.43 KB
Captain Pike

(22) Adaptable ------------------- 19.3 KB
The Keeper

(23) Danger ---------------------- 45.0 KB
Dr. Boyce

(24) Brains ----------------------- 27.2 KB
Mr. Spock

(25) Struggle --------------------- 49.0 KB
Talosian #2 - The Keeper

(26) Zoo ------------------------- 64.8 KB
Captain Pike - Vina

(27) Supper ---------------------- 24.9 KB
Vina - Captain Pike

(28) Probing ---------------------- 78.2 KB
Vina - Captain Pike

(29) Power ---------------------- 247.0 KB
Number One - Mr. Spock - Dr. Boyce

(30) Dream ----------------------- 53.8 KB
Captain Pike - Vina

(31) Reality ---------------------- 43.4 KB

(32) Real ------------------------- 31.0 KB
Captain Pike - Vina

(33) Vial ------------------------- 42.9 KB
The Keeper - Captain Pike

(34) Girl -------------------------- 29.7 KB
Captain Pike - The Keeper

(35) Hate ------------------------ 81.8 KB
Captain Pike - Vina

(36) Nice ------------------------ 6.66 KB
Earth Trader

(37) Sample ---------------------- 15.0 KB
Earth Trader

(38) Rock ------------------------ 36.3 KB
Number One - Mr. Spock

(39) Women ---------------------- 3.87 KB
Mr. Spock

Spock is very emotional in this episode.
Actually, the Spock character wasn't supposed
to be without emotions when first written.

(40) Pulp ------------------------- 21.3 KB
Captain Pike

Well, now we know he has a temper!

(41) Offspring -------------------- 55.1 KB
Yeoman Colt - Vina - Number One

(42) Blood ----------------------- 9.46 KB
Captain Pike

(43) Female ---------------------- 24.6 KB
The Keeper

(44) Unreachable ----------------- 33.3 KB
The Keeper

Did she say, "Female Drives?"

(45) Neck ------------------------ 10.2 KB
Captain Pike

(46) Destroy ---------------------- 17.3 KB

(47) Laser ----------------------- 25.9 KB
Captain Pike

(48) Escape ---------------------- 35.6 KB
The Keeper

(49) Explosion -------------------- 60.4 KB
The Keeper - Vina - Captain Pike

(50) Captivity ------------------- 50.3 KB
The Keeper

(51) Flesh ------------------------ 67.6 KB
Vina - The Keeper

(52) Vina ------------------------ 18.6 KB
Yeoman Colt - Number One - Captain Pike

(53) Eve ------------------------- 24.6 KB
Yeoman Colt - Number One

(54) Adam ----------------------- 21.6 KB
Dr. Boyce - Captain Pike

(55) Engage -------------------- 157.0 KB
Captain Pike - Number One

Now we know where Captain Picard got the saying!!


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