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Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

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Title ----- Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Writer ----------------------- Harve Bennett

Director --------------------- Leonard Nimoy
Producer -------------------- Harve Bennett
Music ------------------------ James Horner
Release Date ---------------- June 1st, 1984
Released By ------------- Paramount Pictures


Admiral James T. Kirk --------- William Shatner
Captain Spock ---------------- Leonard Nimoy
Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy --- DeForest Kelley
Commander Montgomery Scott - James Doohan
Commander Pavel Chekov ------ Walter Koenig
Commander Sulu ---------------- George Takei
Commander Uhura ------------ Nichelle Nichols

Lieutenant Saavik --------------- Robin Curtis
David Marcus ----------------- Merritt Butrick
Enterprise Trainee Foster ---------- Phil Morris
"Mr. Adventure" -------------- Scott McGinnis
Fleet Admiral Morrow ----------- Robert Hooks
Spock age 9 -------------------- Carl Steven
Spock age 13 ----------------- Vadia Potenza
Spock age 17 --------------- Stephen Manley
Spock age 25 ------------------ Joe W. Davis
Merchant ship captain --------- Paul Sorensen
Valkris ------------------------- Cathie Shirriff
Commander Kruge ----------- Christopher Lloyd
Klingon Officer Torg ------------ Stephen Liska
Klingon Officer Maltz -------- John Larroquette
Klingon sargeant -------------- Dave Cadiente
Klingon gunner #1 ------------- Bob Cummings
Klingon gunner #2 ------ Branscombe Richmond
Captain J. T. Estiban ------ Phillip Richard Allen
Grissom helmsman --------------- Jeanne Mori
Grissom communications ------ Mario Marcelino
Alien in bar ----------------------- Allan Miller
Waitress --------------------- Sharon Thomas
Federation Security Agent ---- Conroy Gedeon
Captain Styles -------------- James B. Sikking
Excelsior first officer ------------ Miguel Ferrer
Ambassador Sarek --------------- Mark Lenard
Vulcan child ------------------- Katherine Blum
Vulcan Priestess T'Lar -- Dame Judith Anderson
Federation prison guard #1 -------- Gary Faga
Federation prison guard #2 -- Douglas Shanklin
Woman in cafeteria ------- Grace Lee Whitney
Stand-in ------------------------ Robin Kellick
Stand-in ------------------------ Phil Weyland
Stand-in -------------------- Kimberly Ryusaki
Stand-in ----------------------- Steve Blalock
Voice: Spock screams ----------- Frank Welker
Enterprise computer voice ---- Teresa E. Victor
Flight recorder voice ----------- Harve Bennett
Space Dock controller voice ------ Judi Durand
Elevator voice ------------------- Frank Force
Background voices ----------- The Loop Group
Kirk's stunt double ---------------- John Meier
Kruge's stunt double ---------------- Al Jones
Stuntman ---------------------- Steve Blalock
Stuntman -------------- Don Charles McGovern
Stuntman ----------------------- David Burton
Stuntman ------------------------ Tom Morga
Stuntman ------------------------- Phil Chong
Stuntman ------------------------ Alan Oliney
Stuntman ------------------------ Eddy Donno
Stuntman -------------------- Chuck Picerni Jr.
Stuntman ---------------------- Kenny Endoso
Stuntman ---------------------- Danny Rogers
Stuntman -------------------------- Him Halty
Stuntman ---------------- Frank James Sparks
Stuntman ----------------------- Chuck Hicks
Stuntman ----------------------- David Zellitti
Stuntman ------------------------ Jeff Jensen




The U.S.S. Enterprise returns to spacedock for repairs following the battle with Khan. Kirk continues to mourn Spock's death. McCoy suddenly enters the Vulcan's sealed quarters, babbling incoherently. Upon reaching Earth, McCoy is hospitalized. Scotty is reassigned to the U.S.S. Excelsior and the newly formed Genesis Planet is decreed off-limits by Starfleet Command. Kirk is also informed that the U.S.S. Enterprise is to be decommissioned.

In Kirk's quarters, Sarek, Spock's father, confronts the Admiral, saying that Spock's body should have been returned to Vulcan so that his Katra could have been stored in an ancient Vulcan repository on Mount Seleya. Sarek tells Kirk that he must retrieve the coffin from the Genesis planet and, since Spock performed a last-minute Vulcan mind-meld with McCoy, thus transferring his "Katra" or Spirit, the doctor must also return to Vulcan.

However, Starfleet refuses to allow the damaged U.S.S. Enterprise to leave spacedock. Released from the hospital and faced with this news, McCoy tries to hire a craft to go back to the Genesis planet. He then starts a brawl and is subsequently arrested, pending further psychiatric examination. The arrest proves futile, though, when McCoy escapes with the help of Kirk, Scott, Sulu, Uhura and Chekov. The crew then beams aboard the deserted U.S.S. Enterprise. To avoid pursuit, Scotty removes an integral engine part from the U.S.S. Excelsior and, knowing that they've all probably destroyed their careers, the six friends take the Enterprise out for one final voyage.

Meanwhile, the Klingons have learned of the new Genesis Device and planet, and fear that it could be a new Federation weapon. Lead by the treacherous Captain Kruge, the Klingons set out to either destroy or capture the valuable device.

On board the U.S.S. Grissom, David Marcus and Lt. Saavik arrive at the Genesis Planet for scientific observation. They quickly discover a lifeform reading coming from the surface. Intrigued, the two beam to the planet's surface to find Spock's empty coffin. Tracing the lifeform reading, the two then find the living body of a child-Spock, aging with erratic rapidity but lacking a consciousness or spirit.

Suddenly, the Klingons arrive, destroying the Grissom and take Saavik, Marcus, and the young Spock prisoner. Shortly thereafter, the U.S.S. Enterprise arrives in the Mutara Sector and is crippled by Kruge and his Klingon cohorts. With the Klingons threatening the lives of their prisoners, Kirk tries a bluff to regain control of the situation, but is unsuccessful. David Marcus is killed by the Klingon landing party. Faced with no other choice, Kirk surrenders the Enterprise to the Klingons, yet in a last-ditch effort to gain the upper hand, activates the starship's self-destruct mechanism. The small U.S.S. Enterprise crew then beams to the surface of the Genesis Planet, watching as their historic starship is destroyed in a streak of light, taking with it most of Kruge's nefarious crew.

Kirk and party rescue Spock and Saavik from the Klingons and learn that an unstable element used in the Genesis Device threatens the stability of the planet, which is likely to explode within minutes. One factor of this instability, however, is the rejuvenating effect it had on Spock's body. With the planet reaching critical mass, Spock finally achieves the age he was just before his death on the U.S.S. Enterprise. Kruge, still alive on the Klingon Bird-of-Prey and angry at the death of his comrades, beams down to the planet. There, he fights one-on-one with Kirk, eventually falling to his death. The Enterprise crew, Saavik, and Spock then escape in the Bird-of-Prey, just as the planet violently explodes, a victim of its own dangerous growth.

Under Sarek's diplomatic protection, the Klingon ship then speeds to Vulcan. Once there, the risky ceremony fal-tor-pan is performed, fusing Spock's katra, which resides in McCoy's mind, with the Vulcan's body. With the ceremony seemingly successful, a revived Spock begins the long journey of remembering his past and his friends. He questions why the Enterprise crew risked their lives and careers to rescue him. As his friend Jim reminds him, sometimes the "needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many."


Click the name of the WAVs to listen

Total WAVs: 82

(1) Captains Log ---------------------------------- 170 KB
Admiral Kirk

(2) Status --------------------------------------- 36.7 KB
Admiral Kirk - Cmdr. Sulu - Cmdr Chekov

(3) Automated ----------------------------------- 91.3 KB
Admiral Kirk - Cmdr. Scott

AHA!  We finally find out how Scotty got his reputation!

(4) Reception ------------------------------------ 44.7 KB
Mr. Foster - Admiral Kirk

(5) Valkris --------------------------------------- 42.3 KB
Valkris - Cmdr. Kruge

(6) Klingon 01 ------------------------------------ 52.6 KB
Valkris - Cmdr. Kruge

(7) Klingon 02 ------------------------------------ 21.3 KB
Valkris - Cmdr. Kruge

(8) Klingon 03 ------------------------------------ 36.7 KB
Cmdr. Kruge - Klingon Sargeant

(9) Docking -------------------------------------- 67.9 KB
Cmdr. Uhura - Spacedock Controller - Admiral Kirk - Cmdr. Sulu

(10) Wagon -------------------------------------- 78.2 KB
Cmdr. Uhura - Admiral Kirk - Cmdr. Sulu - Cmdr. Scott

Sounds like Scotty doesn't like the Excelsior very much.

(11) Moorings ------------------------------------ 19.2 KB
Admiral Kirk - Cmdr. Sulu

(12) Sealed ---------------------------------------- 99 KB
Cmdr. Chekov - Admiral Kirk - Cmdr. Uhura - Cmdr. Sulu

(13) Russian ------------------------------------- 11.1 KB
Cmdr. Chekov - Scotty

(14) Help Me ------------------------------------- 188 KB
Captain Spock - Admiral Kirk - Dr. McCoy

(15) Refit ---------------------------------------- 129 KB
Fleet Admiral Morrow - Cmdr. Scott - Admiral Kirk

NO!!  Say it ain't so!!

(16) Forbidden ----------------------------------- 46.3 KB
Fleet Admiral Morrow

(17) Speak -------------------------------------- 83.4 KB
Cmdr. Kruge - Torg - Maltz

Do you recognize the voice of Maltz?  It's none other than
John Larroquette of "Night Court" fame.

(18) Weapon ------------------------------------ 79.7 KB
Cmdr. Kruge - Torg

Klingon's always use the excuse of acting for the
preservation of their race.

(19) Grissom ------------------------------------- 77.5 KB
Lt. Saavik - Captain Estiban - Helmsman - Communications Officer

(20) Fun ----------------------------------------- 40.3 KB
Captain Estiban - Dr. Marcus - Lt. Saavik

(21) Scanning ----------------------------------- 95.5 KB
Lt. Saavik - Dr. Marcus

I prefer Kirsty Alley as Saavik.  Nothing against
Robin Curtis but it's difficult taking over a role that
was made famous by someone else.

(22) Lifeform -------------------------------------- 52 KB
Captain Estiban - Lt. Saavik - Dr. Marcus

(23) Risk ------------------------------------------ 74 KB
Captain Estiban - Dr. Marcus - Lt. Saavik

Captain Estiban is a bit of a dweeb.
He's a "do everything by the book' kind of guy.

(24) Decommissioned ----------------------------- 95.8 KB
Admiral Kirk - Cmdr. Sulu - Cmdr. Chekov - Cmdr. Uhura

This scene has always bothered me.  It's a nice scene
with a group of friends having a toast to "absent friends" but
it seems hurried or forced to me.  William Shatner gets the
most dialogue (of course) but it seems to me that the others
just get a "token" line of dialogue so they have something to do.

(25) Sarek --------------------------------------- 38.9 KB
Admiral Kirk - Ambassador Sarek

Vulcans can be a bit rude.

(26) Platitudes ----------------------------------- 161 KB
Admiral Kirk - Ambassador Sarek

(27) Mind Meld ----------------------------------- 309 KB
Ambassador Sarek - Admiral Kirk

Very emotional scene.

(28) Joined -------------------------------------- 41.8 KB
Admiral Kirk - Ambassador Sarek

Logical.  You'd think Sarek would have thought of that.

(29) Radiation ----------------------------------- 48.4 KB
Captain Estiban - Lt. Saavik

More evidence that Estiban is a dweeb.

(30) Drink ---------------------------------------- 251 KB
Fleet Admiral Morrow - Admiral Kirk

(31) No ------------------------------------------- 36 KB
Cmdr. Sulu - Admiral Kirk - Cmdr. Chekov

Another scene where it feels like Sulu and Chekov are
in it just to give them a line of dialogue.

(32) Poison -------------------------------------- 60.7 KB
Bartender - Dr. McCoy

McCoy does the Spock impression very well.

(33) Permit --------------------------------------- 232 KB
Alien - Dr. McCoy

Funny exchange between McCoy and this alien.

(34) Security ------------------------------------- 107 KB
Alien - Dr. McCoy - Federation Security Officer


(35) Going --------------------------------------- 6.84 KB
  Captain Estiban

Why don't you beam down and find out!
Oh, that's right, you'd need to ask permission first!

(Sorry . . . just a bit of sarcasm there)

(36) Funny Farm --------------------------------- 10.5 KB
Security Guard

(37) Lexorin ------------------------------------- 45.4 KB
Dr. McCoy - Admiral Kirk


A funny scene just the same!

(38) Tiny ----------------------------------------- 124 KB
Security Guard - Cmdr. Sulu - Admiral Kirk - Cmdr. Chekov - Dr. McCoy

Here's Sulu's famous line, "Don't call me tiny."
Finally, Sulu gets to actually DO something!

(39) Shaft --------------------------------------- 49.2 KB
Captain Styles - Cmdr. Scott - Computer Voice

Scotty even gets a funny line!
And I don't like Captain Styles right off the bat!

(40) Surprise ------------------------------------ 96.1 KB
Mr. Adventure - Cmdr. Uhura

(41) Mr Adventure -------------------------------- 189 KB
Admiral Kirk - Cmdr. Uhura - Mr. Adventure - Dr. McCoy

The actor that played Mr. Adventure (Scott McGinns)
is also a director and producer.

(42) Chimpanzee --------------------------------- 30.9 KB
Cmdr. Scott - Admiral Kirk

(43) Wind --------------------------------------- 13.3 KB
Admiral Kirk

(44) Stealing ------------------------------------ 48.4 KB
Excelsior First Officer - Captain Styles

Captain Styles is filing his NAILS during this scene!

(45) Plumbing ------------------------------------ 70.9 KB
Cmdr. Scott - Dr. McCoy - Admiral Kirk

(46) Saavik --------------------------------------- 7.6 KB
Lt. Saavik

Sounds Sweedish.

(47) Regenerated --------------------------------- 175 KB
Lt. Saavik - Captain Estiban - Dr. David Marcus

This guy needs permission to do everything!
Not much of a captain.

(48) 98.8 ---------------------------------------- 17.8 KB
Grissom Communications Officer

(49) Truth ---------------------------------------- 144 KB
Lt. Saavik - Dr. David Marcus

I find it hard to believe that Dr. Carol Marcus (David's Mom)
would have used Proto Matter (whatever THAT is) to make
Genisis work if every ethical scientist in the galaxy had
denounced it as dangerously unstable and unpredictable.

(50) Kidneys ------------------------------------- 44.7 KB
Admiral Kirk - Dr. McCoy - Chekov in the background

(51) Scanned ------------------------------------ 38.9 KB
Maltz - Torg

(52) Power -------------------------------------- 33.8 KB
Cmdr. Kruge

(53) Doomed ------------------------------------- 40.3 KB
Saavik - Cmdr. Kruge

(54) Pain ---------------------------------------- 38.2 KB
Cmdr. Kruge - Lt. Saavik

(55) Luck ---------------------------------------- 37.4 KB
Cmdr. Kruge - Torg

(56) Torpedoes ---------------------------------- 42.5 KB
Cmdr. Sulu - Admiral Kirk

(57) Combat ------------------------------------- 21.8 KB
Cmdr. Chekov - Admiral Kirk - Cmdr. Scott

(58) Outgun ------------------------------------- 48.4 KB
Torg - Cmdr. Kruge - Maltz

(59) Criminals ------------------------------------- 136 KB
Admiral Kirk - Cmdr. Kruge - Torg

(60) Prisoners ------------------------------------ 48.4 KB
Cmdr. Kruge

(61) Kill ------------------------------------------ 62.9 KB
Dr. David Marcus - Cmdr. Kruge - Admiral Kirk

(62) Killed ---------------------------------------- 147 KB
Lt. Saavik - Admiral Kirk - Cmdr. Kruge

A very sad moment for Kirk.

(63) Flag ---------------------------------------- 38.9 KB
Cmdr. Kruge - Torg

(64) Job ----------------------------------------- 60.7 KB
Admiral Kirk - Cmdr. Sulu

Seemingly beaten, Kirk still finds a way to change the odds.

(Yes, I know it's just a movie)

(65) Tricks -------------------------------------- 48.4 KB
Admiral Kirk - Cmdr. Kruge

(66) Klingon 04 ---------------------------------- 9.51 KB
Cmdr. Kruge

(67) Destruct ------------------------------------- 209 KB
Admiral Kirk - Cmdr. Scott - Cmdr. Chekov - Computer Voice

The destruct sequence is the exact same as was used
in the 3rd season episode "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield."

Kudos to whomever decided to use the same code.

(68) Speaking ------------------------------------ 163 KB
Torg - Cmdr. Kruge - Computer Voice


(69) Live ---------------------------------------- 34.4 KB
Admiral Kirk - Dr. McCoy

(70) Marbles ------------------------------------- 35.2 KB
Dr. McCoy - Admiral Kirk

Humour in the midst of chaos; nicely done!

(71) Alive ---------------------------------------- 51.3 KB
Admiral Kirk

(72) Wish ---------------------------------------- 28.7 KB
Cmdr. Kruge - Admiral Kirk

(73) Exhilarating --------------------------------- 78.2 KB
Cmdr. Kruge - Admiral Kirk

(74) Enough ------------------------------------- 84.1 KB
Admiral Kirk - Cmdr. Kruge

So much for the bad guy.

(75) Klingon 05 ------------------------------------ 14 KB
Admiral Kirk

(76) Help ---------------------------------------- 15.6 KB
Admiral Kirk - Maltz

(77) Lied ---------------------------------------- 19.2 KB
Admiral Kirk - Cmdr. Chekov - Maltz

(78) Remember ----------------------------------- 177 KB
Dr. McCoy

(79) Logic ---------------------------------------- 150 KB
High Priestess T'Lar - Ambassador Sarek

Quite the admission by Sarek.

(80) Danger -------------------------------------- 175 KB
High Priestess T'Lar - Dr. McCoy

Good line by McCoy.

(81) Cost ---------------------------------------- 57.1 KB
Ambassador Sarek - Admiral Kirk

(82) Friend --------------------------------------- 176 KB
Captain Spock - Admiral Kirk

A pretty good ending to this movie and a very good
directorial debut for Leonard Nimoy.


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