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Where No Man Has Gone Before

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Title ------- Where No Man Has Gone Before
Writer ------------------ Samuel A. Peeples
Director ------------------ James Goldstone
Original Air Date ------- September 22, 1966
Order of Filming ------------------------ 1st
Order of Broadcasting ------------------ 3rd
Filmed ----------------- Mid to late July 1965

This episode was Gene Roddenberry's second attempt to sell Star Trek to NBC after they turned down the first pilot titled 'The Cage."  In an unprecedented move, NBC executives asked Gene to make a second pilot and the series sold.  'The Cage' never aired as an episode so that's why I'm listing this episode as the first episode filmed.


Captain James T. Kirk ------- William Shatner
Lieutenant Cmdr. Spock ------ Leonard Nimoy
Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery Scott -- James Doohan
Lieutenant Sulu --------------- George Takei


Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mitchell ------ Gary Lockwood
Dr. Elizabeth Dehner --------- Sally Kellerman
Lt. Alden --------------------- Lloyd Haynes
Yeoman Smith --------------- Andrea Dromm
Lt. Lee Kelso --------------------- Paul Carr
Dr. Mark Piper --------------------- Paul Fix
Lt. Leslie, security ------------ Eddie Paskey
Gary Lockwood's stunt double - Hal Needham
William Shatner's stunt double - Dick Crockett
Other stunt double ------------- Paul Baxley


"Where No Man Has Gone Before"

The title is taken from the Star Trek intro. The theme is power and controlling it with wisdom and compassion. "Power corrupteth; absolute power corrupteth absolutely."
- Lord Acton (1834 - 1902)


Star Prime


Germany ------------ The Top of the Iceberg
Italy -------------------- Beyond the Galaxy
Japan ------------------------- Shining Eyes
Spain - Where No One Has Been Able to Arrive


Some years before this second pilot, the S.S. Valiant had encountered a unknown energy barrier at the rim of the galaxy. Something had then made its captain destroy his ship.

The U.S.S. Enterprise finds the Valiant's disaster record-marker, which reveals that just prior to its destruction the crew had been searching library tapes for any information on psionics.

The U.S.S. Enterprise arrives at the edge of the galaxy and the same force affects the ship's drives that must have affected those of the Valiant. Kirk notices a strong personality change in his good friend, Lieutenant Gary Mitchell, whose latent psionic abilities are heightened by the force field. Soon Mitchell has gained enormous extrasensory powers, displaying many talents which include moving objects with his mind and controlling his own heart rate. To a smaller degree, Dr. Elizabeth Dehner is also affected by the force field's power and the two are drawn together by their common powers.

As Mitchell's powers grow, he becomes more dangerous. Spock believes that when the Valiant experienced the same phenomena, it destroyed itself to prevent the power from taking over the galaxy. Gary Mitchell confirms his fears when he informs them that he is becoming a god who will rule the humans. Spock feels that Mitchell's death is the only solution, but Kirk is unable to kill his old friend. Instead, he exiles him to an uninhabited planet. However, once on the planet's surface, Mitchell kills his guard and escapes, taking Dr. Dehner with him. Kirk follows with a phaser rifle and Mitchell attempts to kill Kirk with his psionic powers.

Witnessing this display, Dr. Dehner realizes how inhuman and dangerous Mitchell has become and tries to help Kirk defeat him. Without remorse, Mitchell kills Elizabeth Dehner. Before he can refocus his psi powers, Kirk creates a rockslide that entombs Mitchell, killing him.

Afterwards, Spock admits to Kirk that for the first time in his life, he felt something akin to human emotion.


Click the name of the WAVs to listen

Total WAVs: 44

(1) Impossible --------------------- 4.38 KB
Captain Kirk

(2) Irritating ----------------------- 20.6 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

Spock has a smile on his face while he says this.
Leonard Nimoy is still trying to 'find' the
character of Spock.

(3) Female ------------------------- 13.2 KB
Mr. Spock - Captain Kirk

(4) Warp -------------------------- 7.17 KB
Captain Kirk

(5) Freezer ------------------------ 4.38 KB
Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mitchell

(6) ESP ---------------------------- 17.8 KB
Mr. Spock

(7) Galaxy ------------------------- 12.7 KB
Captain Kirk

(8) Deflectors ---------------------- 8.95 KB
Mr. Spock

Spock yells a lot of his dialogue in a few early
episodes.  I'm sure glad this stopped.
It sounds silly.

(9) Damage ------------------------ 6.66 KB
Mr. Spock

(10) Casualties -------------------- 9.71 KB
Mr. Spock

Only 9 dead?
Spock says this so matter - of - factly.

(11) Years ------------------------- 17.5 KB
Captain Kirk

(12) Worried ----------------------- 22.6 KB
Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mitchell - Captain Kirk

(13) Academy --------------------- 32.3 KB
Lt. Cmdr. Mitchell - Captain Kirk (Laughing)

(14) Married ----------------------- 41.2 KB
Captain Kirk - Lt. Cmdr. Mitchell

(15) Ideas ------------------------- 13.7 KB
Lt. Cmdr. Mitchell

(16) 100 Women ------------------- 9.97 KB
Lt. Cmdr. Mitchell

(17) Mitchell ----------------------- 10.2 KB
Mr. Spock

(18) Doc -------------------------- 3.36 KB
Lt. Cmdr. Mitchell

(19) Sonnet ----------------------- 64.5 KB
Lt. Cmdr. Mitchell - Dr. Elizabeth Dehner

(20) Points ------------------------ 30.0 KB
Lt. Cmdr. Mitchell - Lt. Lee Kelso

(21) Friends ----------------------- 10.7 KB
Dr. Elizabeth Dehner

(22) Duty -------------------------- 26.7 KB
Captain Kirk

(23) Controls ---------------------- 32.8 KB
Scotty - Mr. Spock

(24) Penny ------------------------ 28.5 KB
Mr. Sulu

It's odd hearing Mr. Sulu give the 'mathematics'
of it while Spock just listens.

(25) Ships ------------------------- 14.7 KB
Captain Kirk

Once every 20 years??
That doesn't seem practical to me.

(26) Time -------------------------- 39.9 KB
Mr. Spock - Captain Kirk

(27) Maroon ----------------------- 43.2 KB
Captain Kirk

(28) Kill ---------------------------- 28.5 KB
Captain Kirk - Lt. Cmdr. Mitchell

(29) World ------------------------- 9.46 KB
Lt. Cmdr. Mitchell

(30) Chickens ---------------------- 12.7 KB
Dr. Dehner - Captain Kirk

(31) Friend ------------------------ 6.66 KB
Lt. Cmdr. Mitchell

(32) Poison ------------------------ 24.9 KB
Lt. Cmdr. Mitchell - Captain Kirk

(33) Eyes -------------------------- 14.5 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

(34) Stronger ---------------------- 12.7 KB
Lt. Cmdr. Mitchell

(35) Glove ------------------------- 5.40 KB

(36) Dangerous -------------------- 29.0 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

(37) James ------------------------ 6.16 KB
Lt. Cmdr. Mitchell

(38) Radiation --------------------- 25.2 KB
Captain Kirk

(39) Behold ------------------------ 6.92 KB
Lt. Cmdr. Mitchell

(40) Hear -------------------------- 22.4 KB
Lt. Cmdr. Mitchell

(41) Prognosis --------------------- 45.5 KB
Captain Kirk

(42) Death ------------------------ 8.44 KB
Lt. Cmdr. Mitchell

(43) Captains Log ------------------ 49.0 KB
Captain Kirk

(44) Hope ------------------------- 29.7 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock


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