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Dagger of the Mind

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Title ------------------------------ Dagger of the Mind
Writer -------- Shimon Wincelberg (S. Bar-David)
Director --------------------------- Vincent McEveety
Original Air Date --------------- November 3, 1966
Order of Filming ---------------------------------- 10th
Order of Broadcasting ---------------------------- 9th
Filmed ------------------------------ Mid August 1966


Captain James T. Kirk --------- William Shatner
Lieutenant Cmdr. Spock ------- Leonard Nimoy
Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy - DeForest Kelley
Lt. Cmdr. Montomery Scott ---- James Doohan
Lieutenant Sulu -------------------- George Takei
Lieutenant Uhura --------------- Nichelle Nichols
Yeoman Janice Rand ----- Grace Lee Whitney
Nurse Christine Chapel ----------- Majel Barrett


Dr. Tristan Adams ----------------- James Gregory
Dr. Simon Van Gelder ------ Morgan Woodward
Dr. Helen Noel ----------------------- Marianna Hill
Lethe ------------------------------ Susanne Wasson
First Crewman -------------------------- John Arnde
Inmate --------------------------------- Ed McCready
Therapist ----------------------------------- Eli Behar
Therapist ------------------------------- Walter Davis
Marianna Hill's Stunt Double --------- Irene Sale


When Dr. Simon van Gelder of the psychiatric staff at the Tantalus Penal Colony escapes to the U.S.S. Enterprise exhibiting signs of manic insanity, an enraged McCoy insists that Kirk investigate the colony. The Captain reminds McCoy of Tantalus' excellent reputation, but McCoy is unconvinced.

Kirk and Dr. Helen Noel, the U.S.S. Enterprise's psychiatrist, tour the facility. They discover that the Colony director, Dr. Tristan Adams, has been using a brainwashing device, the neural neutralizer, to control not only the colony's inmates, but his staff as well. When the doctor realizes that Kirk has discovered his secret, he convinces the captain to try the machine for himself, to prove that it is perfectly safe. The result is that Kirk falls madly in love with Helen Noel and the two remain on the Colony as Adams' prisoners.

Meanwhile, on board the U.S.S. Enterprise, van Gelder is in such a distraught state from the neural conditioning that he is unable to explain to Spock what is going on at the penal colony. The Vulcan attempts a mind-meld with van Gelder and discovers what has been happening on the planet below. On Tantalus, Dr. Noel escapes through an air-conditioning duct to the power room, where she lowers the planet's defense shields, enabling Spock to beam down a security team.

Kirk recovers enough to fight Adams, who falls into his torturous machine. Weakened by the conditioning and his fight with the doctor, Kirk stumbles away, not knowing that Adams is still in the neutralizer. Adams is later found dead. Dr. van Gelder is made sane again and returns to direct the Tantalus Colony.


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Total WAVs: 25

(1) Resort ------------------------- 25.4 KB
Captain Kirk - Dr. McCoy

(2) Alert --------------------------- 13.2 KB
Lt. Uhura

(3) Button ------------------------- 15.5 KB
Dr. Simon Van Gelder

Morgan Woodward did a wonderful
job with the character of Van Gelder.

(4) Fascinating -------------------- 5.14 KB
Captain Kirk

(5) Ball ---------------------------- 9.97 KB
Captain Kirk

(6) Embarrassing ------------------- 7.17 KB
Captain Kirk

(7) Party -------------------------- 30.2 KB
Dr. Helen Noel - Captain Kirk

Her last name is 'Noel' and they met at a
Christmas party . . . Coincidence?
I don't think so.
It was probably done on purpose, maybe just
to see if anyone would notice.

(8) Best --------------------------- 14.5 KB
Captain Kirk

(9) Elevator ----------------------- 18.6 KB
Captain Kirk - Dr. Helen Noel

(10) Naked ------------------------ 18.6 KB
Dr. Tristan Adams - Captain Kirk (laughing)

(11) Vast -------------------------- 36.8 KB
Dr. Tristan Adams

(12) Advantages ------------------- 12.5 KB
Captain Kirk

(13) McCoy ------------------------ 5.90 KB
Dr. McCoy

(14) Night ------------------------- 7.68 KB
Captain Kirk

(15) Hypo ------------------------- 23.6 KB
Dr. Simon Van Gelder

(16) Log --------------------------- 13.7 KB
Mr. Spock

(17) Strange ----------------------- 7.17 KB
Mr. Spock

(18) Kitchen ----------------------- 14.0 KB
Captain Kirk

(19) Merry Christmas --------------- 4.13 KB
Captain Kirk

(20) Training ----------------------- 6.66 KB
Captain Kirk

(21) Eliminated --------------------- 7.68 KB
Mr. Spock

(22) Dead ------------------------- 4.13 KB
Dr. McCoy

A variation of McCoy's most famous line.

(23) Mind -------------------------- 7.43 KB
Captain Kirk

(24) Loneliness -------------------- 15.3 KB
Dr. McCoy - Captain Kirk

(25) Orbit ------------------------ 17.8 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock


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