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The Alternative Factor

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Title --------------------------- The Alternative Factor
Writer --------------------------------------- Don Ingalls
Director ---------------------------------- Gerd Oswald
Original Air Date -------------------- March 30, 1967
Order of Filming ----------------------------------- 20th
Order of Broadcasting --------------------------- 27th
Filmed ------------------------- Late November 1967


Captain James T. Kirk ------------ William Shatner
Lieutenant Cmdr. Spock ---------- Leonard Nimoy
Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy ---- DeForest Kelley
Lieutenant Uhura ------------------ Nichelle Nichols


Lazarus (both) ------------------------- Robert Brown
Lt. Charlene Masters ----------- Janet Maclachlan
Commodore Barstow ----------------- Richard Derr
Chief Transporter Tech ---------- Christian Patrick
Lt. Leslie -------------------------------- Eddie Paskey
Assistant Engineering Officer ------- Arch Whiting
Officer ------------------------------------- Larry Riddle
Security Guard ----------------------------- Tom Lupo
Security Guard ------------------------------- Ron Vito
Security Guard ------------------------ Bill Blackburn
Security Guard ------------------------ Vince Calenti
William Shatner's Stunt Double -- Gary Coombs
Robert Brown's Stunt Double #1 -------- Al Wyatt
Robert Brown's Stunt Double #2 --- Bill Catching
Stuntman ------------------------------ Frank Da Vinci
Stuntman -------------------------------- Carey Foster
Stuntman ---------------------------------- Tom Steele


While orbiting what should be a dead planet, the U.S.S. Enterprise experiences a moment of "nonexistence." Starfleet Command fears an enemy invasion and orders Kirk to find out what caused the stellar system disturbance.

On the planet below, Kirk finds a man called Lazarus, who tells Kirk that the effect was caused by his enemy. Lazarus has been chasing him with the aid of a time/space craft and wants the Enterprise's dilithium crystals to continue his search. The captain refuses.

When Kirk takes Lazarus aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, it becomes apparent that there is something strange about their visitor. He has incredible mood swings, one minute sane and rational, the next exhibiting violent rage. He also has a bloody head wound that disappears, then reappears moments later.

Lazarus manages to steal the ship's dilithium and return to the planet. Kirk follows and discovers that Lazarus is two people — one sane and one a madman, with one from an anti-matter universe. The sane Lazarus informs Kirk that the beings can only appear in either universe one at a time. Should both men be in the same place at the same time, both universes would be destroyed. Kirk helps the sane Lazarus trap his counterpart in an intermediate time corridor where they can hurt neither the matter nor anti-matter universe, but where the two will be trapped in fight until the end of time.


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Total WAVs: 33

(1) Typical ------------------ 27.7 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

(2) Incredible ---------------- 5.90 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

(3) Blinked ------------------- 69.6 KB
Mr. Spock - Captain Kirk

(4) Starfleet ----------------- 7.90 KB
Lt. Uhura

(5) Danger ------------------- 28.2 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

(6) Time --------------------- 35.1 KB

(7) Crystals ------------------ 38.1 KB
Lt. Masters - Captain Kirk

(8) Job ---------------------- 13.5 KB
Commodore Barstow

(9) Monster ------------------ 24.1 KB

(10) Death ------------------ 10.7 KB

(11) Indignation -------------- 16.3 KB
Mr. Spock

No one can accuse Spock of tip-toeing around the issue.

(12) Luck -------------------- 16.3 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

(13) Medic ------------------- 8.19 KB
Dr. McCoy

I wonder why McCoy would call himself just a medic.
He's chief surgeon on the Federation's flagship!!!

(14) Doctor ------------------ 11.4 KB
Dr. McCoy

No he calls himself a doctor.

(15) Coffee ------------------ 15.8 KB
Officer - Lt. Masters

Why do they say coffee on board
a ship is always bad?

(16) Humor ------------------ 7.68 KB
Captain Kirk

(17) Laugh ------------------ 7.68 KB
Captain Kirk

(18) Rip --------------------- 30.2 KB
Mr. Spock

(19) Lies -------------------- 24.6 KB
Captain Kirk

(20) Threaten --------------- 3.11 KB
Captain Kirk

(21) Wrong ------------------ 23.4 KB
Lt. Masters - Captain Kirk

(22) Beast ------------------- 24.4 KB
Lazarus - Captain Kirk

(23) Deaf -------------------- 7.63 KB
Lazarus - Captain Kirk

(24) Chamber ---------------- 34.8 KB

(25) Rest -------------------- 11.2 KB
Dr. McCoy

(26) Madness ---------------- 17.0 KB
Mr. Spock

Spock doesn't call Kirk "Jim" very often.

(27) Matter ------------------ 29.0 KB
Mr. Spock

(28) Annihilation ------------- 14.2 KB
Mr. Spock

(29) Eternity ----------------- 43.2 KB
Captain Kirk - Lazarus

(30) Terrible ----------------- 31.5 KB
Captain Kirk - Lazarus

I like this Lazarus.
He seems like a level headed guy.

(31) Trapped ---------------- 32.8 KB
Captain Kirk - Lazarus

A very unselfish guy this "anti-matter" Lazarus.

(32) Warp 1 ----------------- 14.5 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Leslie

(33) Lazarus ----------------- 73.4 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

I find it difficult to believe that they'd be at
each other's throats throughout eternity.
They can be injured and become tired inside
the "corridor" so it seems resonable to assume
that one of them would eventually get the better
of the other, don't you think?

Yes, I know it's just a TV show.


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