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The Doomsday MachineEpisode ListI, Mudd


Title --------------------------------------------- Catspaw
Story -------------------------------------- Robert Bloch
Teleplay ------------ Robert Bloch & D.C. Fontana
Director ------------------------------- Joseph Pevney
Original Air Date ------------------ October 27, 1967
Order of Filming ------------------------------------ 30th
Order of Broadcasting ---------------------------- 36th
Filmed --------------------------------- Early May 1967


Captain James T. Kirk ------------ William Shatner
Lieutenant Cmdr. Spock ---------- Leonard Nimoy
Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy ---- DeForest Kelley
Lt. Cmdr. Montomery Scott ------- James Doohan
Lieutenant Sulu ----------------------- George Takei
Lieutenant Uhura ------------------ Nichelle Nichols
Ensign Pavel Chekov --------------- Walter Koenig


Korob ---------------------------------- Theo Marcuse
Sylvia ------------------------------- Antoinette Bower
Lt. DeSalle --------------------------- Michael Barrier
Lt. Kyle --------------------------------- John Winston
Crewman Jackson -------------------- Jimmy Jones
Lt. Rowe ------------------------------- Mike Howden
Witch #1 ------------------------------ Rhodie Cogan
Witch #2 --------------------------------- Gail Bonney
Witch #3 ------------------------ Maryesther Denver
William Shatner's Stunt Double -- Gary Downey
Leonard Nimoy's Stunt Double ------ Frank Vinci
DeForest Kelley's Stunt Double ------- Jim Jones
George Takei's Stunt Double --------- Vic Toyota
James Doohan's Stunt Double -------- Bob Bass
Theo Marcuse's Stunt Double --------- Carl Saxe


On the planet Pyris VII, two beings known as Korob and Sylvia have been sent on a mission of conquest by their home world. Using a matter transmuter, they assume human form to welcome the U.S.S. Enterprise landing party.

When one member of the initial landing party returns to the ship dead, Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to find Scotty and Sulu transformed into mindless zombies. Sylvia and Korob appear as witch and warlock and use scare tactics to keep the officers from investigating the planet and their motives. Kirk, Spock and McCoy are taken prisoner and shown examples of Korob and Sylvia's "powers," which includes heating a small model of the U.S.S. Enterprise over a flame and having the heat transfer to the orbiting ship.

Sylvia takes an interest in Kirk and decides to abandon her original mission in order to learn about human feelings and experiences. When she finds out the captain is merely using her to gain an advantage, she becomes furious and retaliates.

Korob ultimately helps the crew to escape, but Sylvia turns into a giant black cat and crushes him. Kirk then uses Korob's wand transmuter to destroy Sylvia's source of power — her amulet — before smashing the wand. Their powers gone, the aliens revert to their true form — fragile blue creatures who quickly die in the planet's atmosphere. With their demise, Scotty and Sulu return to normal and the landing party beams back to the U.S.S. Enterprise.


Click the name of the WAVs to listen

Total WAVs: 25

(1) Report ------------------- 21.6 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

(2) Beam -------------------- 15.5 KB
Captain Kirk

(3) Dead -------------------- 3.87 KB
Dr. McCoy

A variation of McCoy's famous line.

(4) Curse -------------------- 32.3 KB
Voice from Jackson

(5) Captain ------------------ 31.5 KB
Three Witches

Well, at least they got his name right!

(6) Wind --------------------- 66.5 KB
Three Witches

(7) Comment ---------------- 25.4 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

Spock makes a funny!!

(8) Illusion ------------------- 8.44 KB
Dr. McCoy

(9) Natural ------------------ 32.5 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

(10) Green ------------------- 16.8 KB
Lt. DeSalle - Mr. Chekov

This was Chekov's first episode.
The wig they made him wear was horrible!!!

(11) Readings ---------------- 10.2 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

(12) Bones ------------------ 17.0 KB
Captain Kirk - Dr. McCoy

A funny moment occurs as Kirk is chained to the wall
near McCoy and Spock.  As Kirk begins talking to McCoy
he starts to call him 'Bones' until he notices a skeleton
chained to the wall on the other side of McCoy.
For the rest of the episode Kirk refers to McCoy as
either 'Doc' or 'McCoy.'

Go ahead, get out your DVD of this episode
and check it out . . . I'll wait.

(13) Mumbo ----------------- 7.93 KB
Captain Kirk

Kirk's using those technical terms again!

(14) Legend ----------------- 41.2 KB
Mr. Spock - Dr. McCoy - Captain Kirk

Spock has some funny lines in this episode.
He does it so well too.  No other person, with the
exception of Mark Lenard as Sarek, has ever
played a Vulcan as good as Leonard Nimoy.
He was born to play the role of Spock.

(15) Trick ------------------- 5.40 KB
Dr. McCoy

This episode was deliberately aired close to Halloween.
It marked the only time Star Trek ever
'celebrated' a holiday with an episode.

Ok, I know Halloween isn't actually a holiday,
but I'm sure you know what I mean.

(16) Unpredictable ----------- 8.70 KB

(17) Burning ----------------- 25.9 KB
Mr. Chekov

(18) Beans ------------------ 12.5 KB
Lt. DeSalle

(19) Strangers --------------- 10.9 KB
Captain Kirk

(20) Talk -------------------- 10.2 KB

(21) Excite ------------------ 14.2 KB

Human feelings are getting the better of her.

(22) Sensation --------------- 13.2 KB

(23) Swept ------------------ 19.3 KB

As alien invaders go, Korob and Sylvia aren't very
powerful; their only real weapon is illusion.

Then again, illusion is the only weapon the Talosians
had and they were a formidable enemy.

(24) Alacrity ----------------- 5.90 KB
Mr. Spock

(25) Unpleasant -------------- 6.41 KB
Mr. Spock


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