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A Piece of the Action

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Title ----------------------------- A Piece of the Action
Story --------------------------------- David P. Harmon
Teleplay ------ David P. Harmon & Gene L. Coon
Director -------------------------------- James Komack
Original Air Date ------------------ January 12, 1967
Order of Filming ------------------------------------ 49th
Order of Broadcasting ---------------------------- 46th
Filmed ------------------------- Early November 1967


Captain James T. Kirk ------------ William Shatner
Lieutenant Cmdr. Spock ---------- Leonard Nimoy
Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy ---- DeForest Kelley
Lt. Cmdr. Montomery Scott ------- James Doohan
Lieutenant Uhura ------------------ Nichelle Nichols
Ensign Pavel Chekov --------------- Walter Koenig


Bela Oxmyx ------------------------- Anthony Caruso
Jojo Krako ---------------------------- Victor Tayback
Kalo ----------------------------------------- Lee Delano
Tepo -------------------------------------- John Harmon
Lt. Hadley -------------------------- William Blackburn
Kroko's Gun Moll ------------------- Marlys Burdette
Girl #1 --------------------------------- Dyanne Thorne
Girl #2 ------------------------------------ Sharyn Hillyer
Tough Kid ----------------------------- Sheldon Collins
Krako's Hood --------------------------- Buddy Garion
Mirt -------------------------------------------- Jay Jones
Zabo ---------------------------------------- Steve Marlo


The planet Sigma Iotia II's last visit by the Federation was by the U.S.S. Horizon ... a hundred years before. Realizing the lapse in monitoring the planet, the Federation sends the U.S.S. Enterprise to observe the progress of Iotia's population.

Beaming down to the planet's surface, Kirk, Spock and McCoy are surprised to see a much different society — an Earth-like 1920s gangster culture — than was reported by the U.S.S. Horizon crew. Bodily seized, the landing crew are taken before one of the major planetary leaders, mobster Bela Oxmyx. Wishing to unite the population under his rule, Bela offers Kirk "a piece of the action" in exchange for the technologically advanced weapons of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Meanwhile, the other lead gangster, Jojo Krako, has his own idea about being the head mobster and captures the Enterprise officers. Struggling to gain the upper hand in this comical power struggle, Kirk creates a diversion ... a little card game known as fizzbin. Without knowing the nuances of the culture, Kirk and Spock try to accomplish their mission when Kirk attempts to drive a car and Spock strives to speak in gangster slang.

Finally, Bela Oxmyx is given a display of the Federation's power when he is beamed aboard the Enterprise and held hostage in the transporter room. Arranging a meeting between the two antagonists, Kirk is successful in uniting the two gangs in a loose system of government with the Federation as Godfather ... for a piece of the action, of course. Furthermore, upon discovering a book — "Chicago Mobs of the Twenties" — the U.S.S. Horizon crew left behind 100 years before, Kirk and Spock finally understand how the highly imitative Iotians reinvented their entire society.

Back aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, Kirk notices McCoy unusually drawn and worried. When questioned, McCoy is forced to admit that he thinks he left his communicator on Sigma Iotia II, leaving him to wonder what type of planetary society the next Federation visit will find ...


Click the name of the WAVs to listen

Total WAVs: 53

(1) Kirk ---------------------- 12.5 KB
Captain Kirk

(2) Beaming ----------------- 6.41 KB
Captain Kirk

(3) Pictures ------------------ 7.17 KB
Dr. McCoy

(4) Statement --------------- 7.93 KB
Mr. Spock

(5) Chopper ----------------- 9.71 KB
Bela Oxmyx

(6) Boss --------------------- 21.6 KB
Captain Kirk - Bela Oxmyx

(7) Government -------------- 16.5 KB
Captain Kirk - Bela Oxmyx

(8) Tools -------------------- 22.9 KB
Bela Oxmyx

(9) Warehouse --------------- 14.7 KB
Bela Oxmyx - Kalo

(10) Ship -------------------- 10.7 KB
Bela Oxmyx

(11) Hit --------------------- 26.9 KB
Bela Oxmyx - Scotty

(12) Heater ------------------ 16.3 KB

(13) United ------------------ 25.6 KB
Mr. Spock

(14) Game ------------------- 18.8 KB
Captain Kirk

Do you think it's wise to insult the guys with the guns?

(15) Fizzbin ------------------ 16.5 KB
Captain Kirk - Kalo

Star Trek's most famous card game!!

(16) Tuesday ---------------- 27.9 KB
Captain Kirk - Kalo

(17) Shronk ------------------ 54.1 KB
Captain Kirk

Strange rules -- but then, that's the point!

(18) Dark -------------------- 42.9 KB
Captain Kirk

It really sounds like he's making it up as he goes!

(19) Odds ------------------- 17.5 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

(20) Kronk ------------------- 11.4 KB
Captain Kirk - Kalo

Kalo sure sounds confused!

(21) Pally -------------------- 29.2 KB
Captain Kirk - Krako's Guy

(22) Simple ------------------ 63.5 KB
Dr. McCoy - Mr. Spock - Radio Announcer

Not quite so simple after all.

(23) Jojo -------------------- 23.6 KB
Jojo Krako - Captain Kirk

(24) Arrested ---------------- 19.8 KB
Jojo Krako - Captain Kirk

(25) Bag --------------------- 19.6 KB
Bela Oxmyx - Mr. Spock

I laugh every time I listen to this one!
Spock sounds so confused!

(26) Nobody ----------------- 18.8 KB
Bela Oxmyx - Mr. Spock

Don't use incorrect English around Spock!

(27) Dead ------------------- 14.2 KB
Bela Oxmyx

(28) Logic ------------------- 18.6 KB
Mr. Spock - Dr. McCoy

(29) Material ----------------- 31.5 KB
Captain Kirk

Kirk starts using the lingo!

(30) Gears ------------------- 79.5 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

This episode marks the only time in classic Trek
that Kirk drives a car (twice in this episode.)
And he didn't do a very good job!

(31) Taxi -------------------- 19.3 KB
Mr. Spock

(32) Babe ------------------- 20.6 KB
Captain Kirk - Tough Kid

(33) Toys ------------------- 52.6 KB
Captain Kirk - Jojo Krako - Mr. Spock

This episode has a LOT of great dialogue!!

(34) Wax -------------------- 21.6 KB
Captain Kirk

Kirk learns the lingo fast!

(35) Small ------------------- 24.9 KB
Mr. Spock - Jojo Krako - Captain Kirk

(36) Check ------------------ 24.4 KB
Jojo Krako - Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

Poor Spock - He's trying his best!

(37) Subtle ------------------ 44.2 KB
Captain Kirk

Kirk is good at the gangster lingo.

(38) Deal -------------------- 26.9 KB
Captain Kirk - Scotty

(39) Phasers ----------------- 29.5 KB
Captain Kirk

(40) Looks ------------------- 7.17 KB

He sounds so pleased with himself!

(41) Cement ----------------- 32.8 KB
Scotty - Jojo Krako

Scotty almost got it right!

(42) Driving ------------------ 20.6 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

(43) Bones ------------------ 5.90 KB
Captain Kirk

(44) Penny ------------------ 19.6 KB
Captain Kirk - Bela Oxmyx

Calling someone a 'penny ante operator'
was quite the insult back in the 20's
It refers to the 'ante' when playing poker.

(45) Spocko ----------------- 4.13 KB
Captain Kirk

Great line!

(46) Flag -------------------- 18.0 KB
Captain Kirk - Scotty

I wonder where Kirk picked up some of this lingo?
It's not like he had time to read a book about it.

(Yes, I know it's only a TV show)

(47) Blower ------------------ 41.7 KB
Captain Kirk - Scotty

Scotty sounds very confused!

(48) Sweetheart ------------- 4.13 KB
Captain Kirk

(49) Dialin ------------------- 8.70 KB
Mr. Spock

Spock gets the lingo!!

(50) Hello -------------------- 5.90 KB
Captain Kirk

(51) Syndicate --------------- 37.6 KB
Bela Oxmyx

(52) Beef -------------------- 9.71 KB
Captain Kirk

(53) Serious ----------------- 67.0 KB
Dr. McCoy - Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

A very funny ending to a great episode!!
One of the best!!


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