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By Any Other Name

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Title ------------------------------- By Any Other Name
Story ------------------------------------ Jerome eBixby
Teleplay ------------ D.C. Fontana & Jerome Bixby
Director ----------------------------------- Marc Daniels
Original Air Date ----------------- February 23, 1968
Order of Filming ------------------------------------ 50th
Order of Broadcasting ---------------------------- 51st
Filmed --------------------------- Mid November 1967


Captain James T. Kirk ------------ William Shatner
Lieutenant Cmdr. Spock ---------- Leonard Nimoy
Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy ---- DeForest Kelley
Lt. Cmdr. Montomery Scott ------- James Doohan
Lieutenant Uhura ------------------ Nichelle Nichols
Ensign Pavel Chekov --------------- Walter Koenig
Nurse Christine Chapel -------------- Majel Barrett


Rojan ---------------------------------- Warren Stevens
Kelinda ------------------------------ Barbara Bouchet
Hanar ------------------------------------- Stewart Moss
Tomar ------------------------------------ Robert Fortier
Drea --------------------------------------- Lezile Dalton
Lieutenant Shea ----------------------------- Carl Byrd
Yeoman Leslie Thompson -------------- Julie Cobb


When the U.S.S. Enterprise answers a distress call from a small planet, the landing party is captured by a group of agents from the Kelvan empire, located in the distant Andromeda galaxy. The Kelvans' purpose is to find planets suitable for colonization. However, their own ship was destroyed and now they need the Enterprise to make the 300-year journey home. To utilize the starship, the Kelvans - huge, tentacled creatures - take on human form. After several attempts at escape, Kirk accepts his fate and agrees to let the aliens take over his ship. The Kelvans use their technology to transform all but essential Enterprise personnel into small "cubes" which, unless broken or damaged, can be restored to human beings.

Recognizing that the Kelvans, in their new human bodies, are discovering human sensation and emotion, the remaining crew attempts to foster dissent amongst the aliens: Scotty succeeds in gettting one of them drunk, McCoy injects an irritant into another, and Kirk makes romantic overtures to the Kelvan leader's woman. With the Kelvans thus distracted, Kirk and the crew are able to regain control of the ship.

Kirk points out to Rojan, the Kelvan leader, that the Kelvans are already becoming less like they were before by encountering the humans. In 300 years, their descendants will be so human-like that they won't be able to live among their people on Kelva. Rojan sees the logic in his argument and sends a robot probe to Kelva, reporting what has happened. Pledging to restore the Enterprise crew, Rojan accepts Kirk's offer that the Enterprise find the Kelvans a Class-M planet to colonize.


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Total WAVs: 39

(1) Distress ------------------ 12.7 KB
Captain Kirk

(2) Humans ------------------ 15.8 KB

(3) Voyage ------------------ 14.2 KB
Captain Kirk - Rojan

(4) Galaxy ------------------- 6.92 KB
Captain Kirk

We forgot to put out the 'Do Not Disturb' sign.

(5) Andromeda --------------- 10.7 KB
Captain Kirk

(6) Modify ------------------- 28.5 KB

(7) Intergalactic ------------- 21.1 KB

(8) Conquer ----------------- 10.7 KB

He sounds pretty sure of himself.
Maybe they don't have people like the Klingons
or the Borg in the Andromeda galaxy.

(9) Control ------------------ 26.9 KB
Dr. McCoy - Captain Kirk - Rojan

(10) Dibernium --------------- 24.6 KB
Mr. Spock

(11) Examine.wav ---------------- 21.3 KB
Mr. Spock - Lt. Shea - Captain Kirk

This guy seemed like he could be more
than just a typical 'red shirt.'
Too bad this was his only episode.

(12) Tentacles --------------- 29.0 KB
Mr. Spock

Yikes!  Sounds like ugly people!

(13) Beings ------------------ 10.2 KB
Captain Kirk

No kidding!

(14) Sick -------------------- 39.9 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

(15) Vacation ---------------- 28.5 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

(16) Flowers ----------------- 23.9 KB
Kelinda - Captain Kirk

(17) Barrier ------------------ 12.5 KB

(18) Explode ----------------- 16.8 KB
Mr. Spock - Scotty

(19) Isolated ---------------- 14.2 KB
Mr. Spock

(20) Brandy ------------------ 15.0 KB

(21) Vitamin ----------------- 31.8 KB
Hanar - Dr. McCoy

(22) Women ----------------- 24.1 KB
Captain Kirk - Kelinda

Time to turn on the charm!

(23) Seduce ----------------- 38.1 KB
Kelinda - Captain Kirk

She saw right through Kirk's plan!

(24) Biological --------------- 32.8 KB
Kelinda - Captain Kirk

(25) Lips -------------------- 21.1 KB
Kelinda - Captain Kirk

She sucks the romance right out of it!

(26) Problem ----------------- 18.0 KB
Rojan - Captain Kirk

I like Kirk's line... Hehehe...

(27) Female ----------------- 25.2 KB
Rojan - Mr. Spock

I think he is!

(28) Green ------------------- 30.2 KB
Scotty - Tomar

Any idea where Scotty found the green drink?
I can't understand what Scotty is saying!

(29) Plural ------------------- 31.5 KB
Hanar - Dr. McCoy

I agree with Hanar!
It's annoying when doctors do that!

(30) Whiskey ---------------- 33.8 KB
Tomar - Scotty

(31) Glass ------------------- 18.6 KB
Scotty - Tomar

(32) Formazine --------------- 18.0 KB
Dr. McCoy

I think McCoy is having fun!

(33) Preoccupied ------------- 31.5 KB
Kelinda - Captain Kirk

Yes, we sure do.

(34) Forbidden --------------- 45.0 KB
Kelinda - Captain Kirk

Kirk definitely gets the girl in this episode.

(35) Perhaps ----------------- 20.3 KB
Mr. Spock

Spock is doing a great job making Rojan jealous.

(36) Strange ----------------- 21.1 KB

(37) Table ------------------- 18.6 KB

You did it Scotty!
But you put yourself there too!

(38) Stimulating -------------- 3.36 KB
Captain Kirk

(39) Invaders ---------------- 26.7 KB
Rojan - Captain Kirk

This episode ends rather abruptly and leaves
several unanswered questions such as: why
would Rojan suddenly give up after all he's
done to get his people this far?
What happened to the technology that was
installed on the Enterprise that enabled
it to travel so fast?

It seems to me that they wrote themselves
into a corner and needed a quick way to end
the episode so they just had Rojan give up.


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