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Bread and Circuses

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Title -------------------- Bread and Circuses
Story ----------------------- John Kneubhul
Writers --- Gene Roddenberry & Gene L. Coon
Director -------------------- Ralph Senensky
Original Air Date ------------ March 15, 1968
Order of Filming ----------------------- 43rd
Order of Broadcasting ----------------- 54th
Filmed ----------------- Mid September 1967


Captain James T. Kirk -------- William Shatner
Lieutenant Cmdr. Spock ------ Leonard Nimoy
Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy -- DeForest Kelley
Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery Scott -- James Doohan
Lieutenant Uhura ------------ Nichelle Nichols
Ensign Pavel Chekov
---------- Walter Koenig


Captain R.M. Merik / Merikus -- William Smithers
Claudius Marcus --------------- Logan Ramsey
Septimus -------------------------- Ian Wolfe
Flavius Maxiumus ------------- Rhodes Reason
Drusilla --------------------------- Lois Jewell
Policeman -------------------- William Bramley
Announcer ---------------------- Bart La Rue
Master of the Games ------------ Jack Perkins
Achilles -------------------------- Max Kelvin
Policeman ----------------------- Bob Orrison
Policeman ----------------------- Paul Baxley
Guard --------------------------- Bob Orrison
Spock's stunt double ------------ Allen Pinson
McCoy's stunt double ------------ Paul Baxley
Flavius' stunt double ------------ Paul Stader
Stunt slave --------------------- Tom Steele
Stunt slave ---------------------- Gil Perkins


"Bread and Circuses"

"Now that no one buys our votes, the public has long since cast off its cares; the people that once bestowed commands, consulships, legions and all else, now meddles no more and longs eagerly for just two things - bread and circuses."

-Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis (60 AD - 140 AD)
Commonly known today as Jevenal.
Satire X, lines 77 - 80 of his book "Satires of Juvenal"


The First Martyr


France ------------- On the Streets of Rome
Germany ----------------- Bread and Games
Italy ------- In the Arena with the Gladiators
Japan --------------------- The Other Earth
Spain ------------------------ Food and Fun


The U.S.S. Enterprise finds the wreckage of the S.S. Beagle, with no survivors, orbiting near the Planet 892-IV. When Kirk, Spock, and McCoy beam to the planet's surface, they find a disheveled group of "sun worshipers" trying to escape being caught by the local authorities. They are captured, along with the landing party, and taken to the city which looks very much like Earth's ancient Rome.

They find that Captain R.M. Merrick of the Beagle has betrayed his crew, beaming them down to fight in the Roman-like gladiatorial games. Merik is First Citizen of the Empire and supposed close friend to the Proconsul, Claudius Marcus. Kirk realizes, however, that Merrick is being used as a lure to get more starship crews to 892-IV for the entertainment of its inhabitants.

When Kirk refuses to beam his crew down to die in the arena, Spock and McCoy are condemned to fight gladiators in the ring. The bout is being televised for the planet's enjoyment, but Scotty cuts off the planet's energy supply, spoiling their pleasure. When Kirk uses the confusion to free Spock and McCoy, Merrick sees how a true starship captain acts in the face of danger and uses his communicator to have Kirk, Spock and McCoy beamed aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. For his treachery, Merrick is killed by the Proconsul.

Uhura, who has been monitoring the radio waves of the planet, realizes that the "sun worshipers" aren't talking about the sun in the sky, but of the "Son of God."


Click the name of the WAVs to listen

Total WAVs: 45

(1) Similar ------------------- 8.95 KB
Mr. Chekov

(2) Earth -------------------- 24.6 KB
Mr. Spock

Some stats of our lovely planet.

(3) Television ---------------- 25.4 KB
Mr. Spock

Spock sounds annoyed.

(4) Rome -------------------- 6.41 KB
Captain Kirk

(5) Beaming ----------------- 12.7 KB
Captain Kirk

(6) Smog -------------------- 36.3 KB
Mr. Spock - Dr. McCoy

(7) Pitchfork ----------------- 39.4 KB
Dr. McCoy - Mr. Spock

(8) Ears --------------------- 15.8 KB
Flavius Maxiumus - Mr. Spock

(9) Law --------------------- 10.4 KB
Captain Kirk

Hodgkin's Law could also be called:
'Small Budget Syndrome.'
What I mean is because they had such small
budgets to work with, it was much less expensive
to make new planets look similar to Earth instead
of building an alien landscape. It all cost
money and for Star Trek, money was tight.

(10) Heaven ----------------- 15.3 KB

This actor (Ian Wolfe) also played
Mr. Atoz in the episode, "All Our Yesterdays."

(11) Question ---------------- 5.40 KB
Mr. Spock

Is there any other kind from Spock?

(12) Friend ------------------ 9.97 KB
Flavius Maxiumus

(13) Illogical ----------------- 30.7 KB
Dr. McCoy - Mr. Spock

(14) Police ------------------- 7.68 KB

He's a poet!

(15) Fish -------------------- 5.90 KB

(16) Annoy ------------------ 46.0 KB
Dr. McCoy - Mr. Spock

Plenty of great dialogue in this episode.

(17) Trained ----------------- 20.8 KB
Dr. McCoy - Mr. Spock

More great dialogue.

(18) Vulcan ------------------ 21.6 KB
Claudius Marcus

(19) Contamination ----------- 15.0 KB
Claudius Marcus

This guy is a slime ball!
(The character, not the actor!)

(20) Wars ------------------- 11.4 KB
Mr. Spock

(21) Died -------------------- 23.6 KB
Mr. Spock

(22) World ------------------- 7.43 KB
Captain Kirk

Another reason why Kirk is a great captain.
(Yes, I'm aware it's just a TV show)

(23) Honest ----------------- 63.0 KB
Captain Kirk - Claudius Marcus - Mr. Spock - Dr. McCoy

(24) Die --------------------- 12.0 KB
Captain R.M. Merik (Merikus)

Merik is the one who flunked out of the academy,
so why is he talking to Kirk like KIRK flunked out?

(25) Starship ---------------- 47.2 KB

Way to go Scotty!

(26) Winner ------------------ 27.2 KB
TV Announcer

Recognize the voice?
It's Bart La Rue, the voice of the Guardian of Forever!
This guy has (had) a great voice.

(27) Ratings ----------------- 10.7 KB
Master of the Games

(28) Defend ----------------- 14.5 KB
Flavius Maxiumus - Dr. McCoy

(29) Entertainment ----------- 18.6 KB
Captain Kirk

(30) Slave ------------------- 17.0 KB

(31) Angry ------------------- 21.1 KB
Dr. McCoy - Mr. Spock

(32) Escape ----------------- 38.1 KB
Dr. McCoy - Mr. Spock

(33) Hobgoblin --------------- 51.6 KB
Dr. McCoy - Mr. Spock

(34) Peek -------------------- 52.8 KB
Mr. Spock - Dr. McCoy

Powerful statement by McCoy.

(35) Feeling ----------------- 36.8 KB
Dr. McCoy - Mr. Spock

(36) Pain -------------------- 27.2 KB
Drusilla - Captain Kirk

His friends are in jail and he's being "entertained"
by a sexy slave - what a lucky guy!

(37) Roman ------------------ 7.17 KB
Claudius Marcus

Well, Kirk's middle name IS Tiberius.

(38) Man -------------------- 12.7 KB
Claudius Marcus

That was a cruel statement!
In fact, that could be one of the reasons
Merik helped Kirk in the end.

(Yes, I know it's just a TV show)

(39) Simple ------------------ 19.8 KB
TV Announcer

Simple execution?
Yikes, I'm glad I don't live there!

(40) Move ------------------- 8.44 KB
Master of the Games

(41) Curves ------------------ 11.4 KB
Dr. McCoy - Mr. Spock - Captain Kirk

And what lovely 'curves' they were too!

(42) Brotherhood ------------- 32.0 KB
Mr. Spock

(43) Wrong ------------------ 32.0 KB
Lt. Uhura

(44) Son -------------------- 41.7 KB
Lt. Uhura - Captain Kirk

(45) Orbit ------------------- 10.7 KB
Captain Kirk

An excellent episode with some of the best
Spock / McCoy dialogue of the entire series.


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