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A Taste of Armageddon

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Title ------------------------- A Taste of Armageddon
Teleplay -------- Robert Hamner & Gene L. Coon
Story ----------------------------------- Robert Hamner
Director ------------------------------- Joseph Peveny
Original Air Date ---------------- February 23, 1967
Order of Filming ----------------------------------- 23rd
Order of Broadcasting --------------------------- 23rd
Filmed --------- Late Dec. 1966 & early Jan. 1967


Captain James T. Kirk ------------ William Shatner
Lieutenant Cmdr. Spock ---------- Leonard Nimoy
Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy ---- DeForest Kelley
Lt. Cmdr. Montomery Scott ------- James Doohan
Lieutenant Uhura ------------------ Nichelle Nichols


Anan 7 ------------------------------ David Opatoshu
Mea 3 ------------------------------ Barbara Babcock
Ambassador Robert Fox -------------- Gene Lyons
Yeoman Tamula ----------------------- Miko Mayama
Lt. DePaul ------------------------------- Sean Kenney
Sar 6 --------------------------------- Robert Sampson
Lt. Galloway --------------------------- David L. Ross
Lt. Osborne --------------------------- Frank Da Vinci
Computer Voice ------------------------- Majel Barrett
Eminiar Guard ------------------------- Eddie Paskey
Eminiar Guard ------------------------- Bill Blackburn
Eminiar Guard ------------------------------- Ron Veto
Eminiar Guard ------------------------ Frank Da Vinci
Eminiar Guard ------------------------ John Burnside
Ambassadorial Secretary ------------------- Malone


The U.S.S. Enterprise is ordered to pick up Ambassador Robert Fox, who is headed to planet Eminiar VII on a diplomatic mission. Upon arriving at the planet, the ship is warned away.

Beaming to the surface with a landing party, Kirk and Spock are met by a young woman, Mea 3, who tells them that Eminiar VII has been at war with its neighboring planet, Vendikar, for over 500 years. Mea 3 takes them to the council chambers where they find banks of computers. Eminiar's head council Anan 7 informs them that the two planets have learned to avoid the complete devastation of war because computers are used. When a "hit" is scored by one of the planets, the people declared "dead" willingly walk into antimatter chambers and are vaporized. Anan 7 further tells Kirk that his ship and all the crew aboard her have been declared casualties and will be executed. When Kirk flatly refuses, the landing party members are taken prisoner.

The council members are unable to convince Scotty, in charge of the U.S.S. Enterprise, to lower shields without a direct order from Captain Kirk. Meanwhile, Ambassador Fox has beamed to Eminiar and is also taken prisoner, marked for death. Kirk and Spock escape and gain the council chambers where they destroy the computers. Kirk tells the council members that they have made this war too easy for themselves and that they will truly experience the horrors of war if they do not learn to make peace first. Ambassador Fox volunteers to stay behind and negotiate a peace between the neighboring planets.


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Total WAVs: 40

(1) Advanced ---------------- 21.9 KB
Mr. Spock

(2) Trip ---------------------- 20.3 KB
Captain Kirk - Scotty

(3) Federation --------------- 13.7 KB
Captain Kirk

(4) 500 Years ---------------- 10.4 KB
Anan 7

This is something to brag about??

(5) Evidence ----------------- 39.9 KB
Mr. Spock

(6) Computers --------------- 10.9 KB
Mr. Spock

They play a type of video game where people actually die!

(7) Culture ------------------ 15.5 KB
Anan 7

A very warped way of looking at it.

(8) Walk --------------------- 21.1 KB
Captain Kirk

(9) Approve ----------------- 21.1 KB
Mr. Spock - Anan 7

(10) Orbit ------------------- 24.6 KB
Anan 7

(11) Surrender --------------- 32.0 KB
Anan 7

(12) Dead ------------------- 16.3 KB
Anan 7

(13) Talk ------------------- 10.4 KB
Captain Kirk

(14) Suggest ---------------- 22.6 KB
Dr. McCoy - Scotty

(15) Think ------------------- 6.92 KB

(16) Trying ------------------ 9.46 KB

(17) Creature ---------------- 9.71 KB
Mr. Spock

He says it so matter-of-factly.

(18) Orders ------------------ 14.5 KB
Anan 7

(19) Torpedoes -------------- 22.6 KB

Who says they can't fire full phasers with
the screens up??  That wouldn't make any
sense at all!!!  They goofed when they made
Scotty say this line of dialogue.

(20) Phaser ------------------ 9.20 KB

Hold that temper, Mr. Scott!!

(21) Diplomacy --------------- 12.5 KB
Ambassador Robert Fox

Well then, do your job man!!

(22) Status ----------------- 27.2 KB
Ambassador Fox - Scotty

You tell him Scotty!!
Why did they always make the Federation
representative act like an idiot?  How did
the Federation get to be as big and strong as it
is if all they have are morons running the show?

(23) Done ------------------- 32.8 KB
Dr. McCoy - Scotty

(24) Destroy ----------------- 13.0 KB
Captain Kirk - Anan 7

(25) Formidable -------------- 30.0 KB
Anan 7 - Captain Kirk

I do believe our captain is bluffing a bit here.

(26) Casualties -------------- 21.9 KB
Anan 7

(27) Important --------------- 28.2 KB
Mr. Spock - Scotty

How did the ambassador get to the planet?
As soon as the screens were lowered the ship
should have been fired upon from the planet, but
it wasn't!!  So, how did Fox get to the planet?
They goofed here.

(28) Immolating -------------- 29.0 KB
Mr. Spock - Yeoman Tamula

It sounds to me like Spock is saying the
yeoman's name as "Tamura" but the
credits list her as "Tamula."

No big deal, I just thought I'd mention it.

(29) Quickly ----------------- 10.7 KB
Mr. Spock

(30) Barbarian --------------- 13.0 KB
Anan 7 - Captain Kirk

(31) Order 24 ---------------- 12.7 KB
Scotty - Captain Kirk

This is the only time General Order 24 is
mentioned in Star Trek and I would say it's
a fake General Order used as a bluff by Kirk.

(32) Finish ------------------- 26.7 KB
Anan 7 - Captain Kirk

Kirk makes things happen, he's a risk taker.
It's one of the qualities of a great leader.

Yes, I'm aware it's a TV show.

(33) Counting ---------------- 13.7 KB
Anan 7 - Captain Kirk

(34) Help -------------------- 14.2 KB
Mr. Spock - Captain Kirk

(35) War -------------------- 36.6 KB
Captain Kirk

He's absolutely right about that!

(36) Horrors ----------------- 17.0 KB
Anan 7 - Captain Kirk

(37) Bombs ------------------ 39.4 KB
Captain Kirk

(38) Today ------------------ 45.0 KB
Captain Kirk

(39) Peace ------------------ 33.3 KB
Captain Kirk

(40) Luck -------------------- 41.2 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock


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