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This Side of Paradise

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Title ---------------------------- This Side of Paradise
Story --------------- Nathan Butler & D.C. Fontana
Teleplay --------------------------------- D.C. Fontana
Director ----------------------------- Ralph Senensky
Original Air Date --------------------- March 2, 1967
Order of Filming ----------------------------------- 25th
Order of Broadcasting --------------------------- 24th
Filmed --------------------------- Early January 1967


Captain James T. Kirk ------------ William Shatner
Lieutenant Cmdr. Spock ---------- Leonard Nimoy
Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy ---- DeForest Kelley
Lieutenant Sulu ----------------------- George Takei
Lieutenant Uhura ------------------ Nichelle Nichols


Leila Kalomi --------------------------------- Jill Ireland
Elias Sandoval ----------------------- Frank Overton
Lt. Cmdr. Kelowitz -------------------- Grant Woods
Lt. DeSalle --------------------------- Michael Barrier
Navigator Mr. Painter ------------------ Dick Scotter
Lt. Leslie -------------------------------- Eddie Paskey
Crewman #2 ------------------------------ Bobby Bass
Engineer -------------------------------- Sean Morgan
Engineer ---------------------------- John Lindesmith
Crewman ------------------------------------ Fred Shue
William Shatner's Stunt Double -------- C. O'Brian
Leonard Nimoy's Stunt Double ------ Bill Catching


Expecting the colonists of Omicron Ceti III to be dead after three years of exposure to deadly Berthold rays, Kirk and Spock are surprised to find the colony alive and flourishing.

Spock beams to the surface and meets a young botanist, Leila Kalomi, that he'd worked with previously, and they renew the old friendship. When she worked with Spock six years before on Earth, Leila had tried to interest Spock romantically, and failed. Now she leads the Vulcan to a secluded section of the planet where a native plant sprays him with their spores. Leila tells Spock that the plant induces feelings of harmony and peace and love, along with a desire to remain on Omicron Ceti III and their paradise.

The spores serve to break down Spock's inhibitions and soon he has declared his love for Leila and his desire to remain on the planet. Some of the plants are beamed aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise and more of the crew are affected.

Captain Kirk, the last holdout, finally is affected by the power of the spores and discovers, through his own violent, adverse effect at leaving his beloved U.S.S. Enterprise, that strong, violent emotions are what reverse the effect of the spores.

Kirk manages to lure Spock back to the U.S.S. Enterprise where he goads Spock into a fight. The extra adrenaline in the Vulcan's system pushes the effect of the spores from Spock and he reverts to normal ... just short of killing Captain Kirk.

Using subsonic sound waves, the two officers manage to bring around the rest of the crew and colonists. Now that the colonists realize that the spores have prevented them from making any real progress and accomplishments, they plan to relocate where the plants do not grow.


Click the name of the WAVs to listen

Total WAVs: 46

(1) Vacuum ------------------ 12.2 KB
Captain Kirk

(2) Puzzle ------------------- 9.86 KB
Captain Kirk

(3) Female ------------------- 10.9 KB
Mr. Spock

Nobody does, Mr. Spock, nobody does.

(4) Face --------------------- 23.4 KB
Leila Kalomi

(5) Dead -------------------- 13.7 KB
Mr. Spock

(6) Effect ------------------- 12.7 KB
Dr. McCoy

(7) Basic -------------------- 13.5 KB
Mr. Spock - Leila Kalomi

(8) Belong ------------------- 26.7 KB
Leila Kalomi

Jill Ireland played the role of Leila Kalomi.
She was a very beautiful woman.
Sadly, she died of breast cancer in 1990.

Trivia: She was married to Charles Bronson.

(9) Love --------------------- 14.1 KB
Mr. Spock

(10) Orders ------------------ 20.5 KB
Captain Kirk - Elias Sandoval

Sandoval is a bit of an annoying chap, don't you think?

(11) Dragon ----------------- 29.0 KB
Mr. Spock - Leila Kalomi

The circumstances surrounding Spock seeing a
dragon would make for a good story.

(12) Spock ------------------ 34.4 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

(13) Sir ---------------------- 20.1 KB
Mr. Spock - Captain Kirk

(14) Mellowed --------------- 43.3 KB
Captain Kirk - Dr. McCoy

(15) Report ------------------ 10.1 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

This is the only time Spock has ever said
this to his captain.  Of course, he was under
the influence of the Spores at the time so he's
got a good excuse.

(16) Evacuation -------------- 14.5 KB
Mr. Spock

(17) Relax ------------------- 16.2 KB
Dr. McCoy

(18) Mutiny ------------------ 11.3 KB
Captain Kirk - Lt. Leslie

Can't really blame Mr. Leslie.
He's under the influence of the Spores!!

(19) Georgia ----------------- 19.8 KB
Dr. McCoy

(20) Counteract ------------- 7.43 KB
Dr. McCoy

(21) Repository -------------- 17.3 KB
Mr. Spock

Would you like to hear a blooper of this scene?
Check out WAV 21a below...

(21a) Plants ------- 10.9 KB
Mr. Spock

Oops!  Slip of the tongue!!

(22) Anyone ----------------- 5.55 KB
Captain Kirk

Just do an internal scan of the ship.

(23) Surface ----------------- 15.9 KB
Captain Kirk

(24) Automatic -------------- 20.1 KB
Captain Kirk

(25) Marooned --------------- 6.16 KB
Captain Kirk

(26) Quiet ------------------- 19.3 KB
Captain Kirk

(27) Leave ------------------ 16.5 KB
Captain Kirk

(28) Aroused ---------------- 44.7 KB
Captain Kirk

(29) Computerized ----------- 18.0 KB
Captain Kirk

(30) Inaccurate -------------- 23.0 KB
Mr. Spock

(31) Father ------------------ 19.8 KB
Captain Kirk

Uh oh!  Now the insults are flying!!

(32) Gall --------------------- 20.7 KB
Captain Kirk

(33) Circus ------------------ 20.6 KB
Captain Kirk

That did it!
Look out Kirk, Spock is MAD now!!

(34) Angry ------------------- 7.17 KB
Captain Kirk

(35) Transmitter ------------- 32.2 KB
Mr. Spock - Captain Kirk

(36) Stars ------------------- 8.44 KB
Dr. McCoy

(37) Again ------------------- 29.7 KB
Leila Kalomi

The beginning of Leila's very emotional
speech to Mr. Spock.

Spock even uses a contraction (I can't)
which isn't like him at all.  Leila must
really get to him.  I know she would me.

(38) Repeating --------------- 22.3 KB
Leila Kalomi

I'm surprised no one has written the
story of how Spock and Leila met.
I'd enjoy that story.

(39) Lose -------------------- 8.59 KB
Leila Kalomi

(40) Pergatories ------------- 37.7 KB
Mr. Spock

Wonderful dialogue from Spock.

(41) Still --------------------- 7.43 KB
Leila Kalomi

(42) Pronounce -------------- 14.1 KB
Leila Kalomi - Mr. Spock

It's too bad they never told us what Spock's name is.

(43) Hospital ----------------- 8.19 KB
Dr. McCoy

McCoy gives a rare glimps of his tough side!

(44) Spores ------------------ 14.6 KB
Dr. McCoy

(45) Paradise ---------------- 15.9 KB
Dr. McCoy - Captain Kirk

(46) Happy ------------------ 37.9 KB
Captain Kirk - Mr. Spock

A rare admission from Spock.  It sounds like he
regrets leaving and maybe he does on a certain level.
I wonder if Spock kept in touch with Leila.
I'd like to think he did.

Yes, I know it's only a TV show.


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